The refurbished manufacturer GE Healthcare

Codeo Vet is an authorized distributor of ultrasound scanners refurbished and guaranteed by GE Healthcare

Codeo Vet supports independent veterinarians and veterinary clinics in the development of their technical platform thanks to a range of refurbished ultrasound scanners from GE Healthcare. This equipment comes with services and manufacturer's warranty similar to new equipment.

No longer choose between the price of refurbished equipment and the new warranty!

With its offer of Refurbished GE ultrasound scanners, Codeo Vet allows veterinary clinics and independent veterinarians to maintain the homogeneity of their fleet, and to solve their specific needs both in terms of financial issues.

This exclusive offer gives our customers access to the full range of GE Healthcare Ultrasound services equivalent to new equipment (service center, remote application, access to the User Club, etc.).

GE Certified Refurbishment

GE Healthcare refurbishes its own ultrasound scanners to offer you optimal equipment quality while controlling your budget.

Your personalized ultrasound machine

You can customize the configuration of your refurbished ultrasound system according to your practices and your budget.

Benefit from GE after-sales service

Technical and application assistance is available on the manufacturer's website!

GE Healthcare Warranty

Our refurbished GE ultrasound scanners are sold with a manufacturer's warranty, after-sales service, the supply of spare parts and software updates.

GE Healthcare Certified Refurbishment

Refurbished GE Healthcare ultrasound scanners  are subject to a rigorous refurbishment process, carried out in France by the manufacturer's teams.

As far as GE Healthcare is concerned, ultrasound scanners are refurbished by their own technicians in their technical centers in France and thus meet ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

Quality and traceability of your GE refurbished ultrasound system    

Cleaning, disinfection and painting

Auditing of components and subsystems by the original test procedures

Software update

Replacement of worn parts with new original manufacturer parts

Customization of the system to the needs and habits of the practitioner

Issuance of a GE certified reconditioning certificate

Discover our catalog of refurbished GE Healthcare ultrasound scanners

GE ultrasound systems are renowned for their image quality. Whatever your specialty, at GE you will find the ultrasound system adapted to your practice and the needs of your patients:


Logiq P6, Logiq e, Logiq E9 XD CLEAR, LOGIQ E10, LOGIQ S8 XDclear, Logiq S7 XDclear


Voluson E8, Voluson E8 RSA, Voluson E6, Voluson S8, Voluson E10, Voluson S6, Voluson 730, Voluson P6, Voluson S10


Vivid 7 DIMENSION, Vivid IQ, Vivid E9, Vivid E9 XD CLEAR, Vivid E95, Vivid E90, Vivid S5, Vivid S6, Vivid S70, Vivid S60, Vivid T8

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