Recovery of your unused equipment

Codeo Vet values ​​the medical equipment you don't use

Our expertise in the second-hand medical market allows us to offer you in-depth knowledge of the recovery of your medical equipment. With a technical team dedicated to the medical sector, we are able to support you in the audit, upgrading to standards, preparation, uninstallation and removal of your equipment, in compliance with the legal and logistical constraints of your environment. . Finally, our legal department ensures a sale in full compliance with the framework set by the Public Health Code.

Have you ever thought about taking back your unused equipment?

Whether you are a private practice or a group of veterinary clinics, you certainly have equipment that you no longer need:


Taking back and valuing your ultrasound scanners, scalpels, block lights, microscopes... allows you to financially optimize your reforms or to find a residual value for the acquisition of new devices


The storage and recycling of medical equipment represents a financial, human and logistical burden for your structure. Codeo Vet takes over your equipment and frees you from this task.


Surely you have better things to do than take care of managing your idle equipment. Entrust them to Codeo Vet, we take care of everything!

Codeo Vet, your partner for a quick and easy recovery of your equipment

Expert in the recovery of second-hand equipment, Codeo Vet accompanies you and advises you throughout the recovery of your equipment. We adapt to your schedule and your business constraints to offer you a smooth recovery.

On-site technical and logistical audit

Intervention and parking permits

Gathering of equipment and packaging for transport

Preparation of regulatory transfer documents

We take over all brands and ranges of medical equipment

Whatever the range, brand or generation of your equipment, Codeo Medical takes back all of your unused devices to give them a second life.

Control of the legal framework of your sale

Because the resale of medical equipment must meet a set of strict administrative standards, our teams are accompanied by legal experts who accompany you throughout your process and provide you, at the end of your sale: 

A certificate of erasure of patient data

A certificate of assignment and transfer of liability

Transfer of ownership

How do we estimate the value of your equipment?

Each piece of equipment is unique, as is its price. As an expert in  used medical equipment , Codeo Vet has developed an equally unique and in-depth knowledge of estimating your equipment.

Sales history, current offers and demands, logistics costs... are all parameters that we take into account when estimating a medical device and that is why Codeo Vet is  committed to a minimum estimate of your equipment. An estimate that can only be revised upwards.






Don't wait any longer to buy back your equipment! We buy back for our own stocks!

Codeo Vet has 2 warehouses with a logistics capacity of more than 1400 m² in order to be able to buy for its own stocks. Do you want a deposit/sale solution? Codeo Medical offers a formula for fully covering logistics costs, storage, repair of equipment, etc. until the medical devices are sold.

Redemption and immediate valuation

We store your unused equipment for you

We centralize your multi-site equipment

You are free to install your new equipment before the sale of the old one

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