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Codeo Vet, your patients deserve the best!

For more than 15 years, Codeo Group and Codeo Vet have been supporting professionals in the management of their equipment through refurbishment.

This is why our teams are in the best position to advise you on the purchase of refurbished equipment, the recovery of your equipment, the rental, financing or maintenance of your fleet.

Why trust Codeo Vet?
The rigorous process, the transparency of our exchanges

We are proud to offer our customers in the veterinary sector a methodology proven for more than 15 years and state-of -the-art digital tools to ensure traceability and total transparency in the purchase of their medical equipment.

Technical expertise

For the management of your medical equipment projects from start to finish (audit, maintenance, reconditioning).

Data erasure

Patient data is systematically deleted from the equipment that we refurbish, with the provision of a certificate of erasure.

Secure financial exchanges

Thanks to a rigorous ethical charter for the choice of partners we work with.

Compliance with the legal framework

Codeo Vet ensures that each step of your project complies with the Public Health Code.

Reconditioning is above all, a question of quality!  

The purchase of a second-hand medical devices represents a definite advantage for professionals in the veterinary sector.

Thus, it is Codeo Vet's responsibility to provide its customers with equipment that meets the standards of the Public Health Code and that corresponds to the high quality standards that we have set ourselves.

Deleting patient data

Performing a Quality Audit (QA)

Securing preventive maintenance

Qualification of the exact configuration of the equipment

Verification of the presence of accessories

Validation of European safety standards

Codeo Vet also buys back your unused equipment!  

Do you have medical equipment that you no longer use? Codeo Vet is also the specialist in the purchase of medical equipment. From obsolete equipment to surplus new stock, we can take back and upgrade your equipment to give it a second life. Do you have equipment you no longer use? 





Expertise on all the major ranges of medical equipment

Do you want to offer your patients the best possible quality of care? Codeo Vet allows you to complete or even improve your technical platform at a lower cost and on all the biggest brands and ranges of equipment !

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